About Us

About Us Clients look to Apexx Group to profitably grow sales -- whether that requires discovering new markets and segments, finding or building a better way to get to market (distribution and/or sales channels), improving marketing and sales technology, or actually taking product to the market.

Growth is delivered by applying the following principles:

Apply strategic experience

When defining a go-to-market strategy, Apexx critically considers the company history and culture, the competitive environment, the strength of product and service offerings, current market segments and channels, brand strength, product and market economics and many other factors.

Employ diagnostic tools to provide a factual basis for decision-making

Through a variety of proven tools it is easier to understand how customers behave, why they behave the way they do, what they value and need, what competitors are doing to make a difference in the market and how a sales channel behaves. A small sample of the tools Apexx uses includes:

  • SEO/SEM Snapshot and Assessment
  • Multi-channel Strategy and Design
  • Private-label Analysis and Launch
  • Channel Assessment, Research and Design
  • New Market Identification and Entry Strategies
  • Business Development and Lead Generation
  • Internet Marketing Strategy and Design
  • Marketing Materials Effectiveness Audit
  • Business Growth Potential Analysis
  • Social Media Audit

Provide functional expertise

Apexx develops the correct custom blend of functional disciplines to design an effective go-to-market model for each client:

  • Market Research
  • Marketing Communications
  • Product Development and Marketing
  • Sales Compensation and Management
  • Channel Management
  • Website Development
  • SEO
  • Inside Sales Management
  • Lead Generation and Management
  • Sales and Marketing Automation

Help ensure success in execution

Apexx ensures successful growth by staying involved through each step, from forming a sound strategy to developing an excellent tactical design, to the effective execution. Since one of the partners is always personally involved in the execution of any engagement, Apexx is driven to continuously improve performance.

Build lasting client relationships based upon success and trust

Every decision Apexx makes is made in consideration of value to our clients. When evaluating key business areas for a client, the question always asked is “What would I do if this were my business?” This allows Apexx to be certain that strategy and tactics are always in the clients’ best interests.

Challenge Apexx to create sustainable, profitable growth for your business.