Case Studies

Case StudiesWhile it is difficult to communicate the full breadth and depth of the work Apexx has performed for clients, below is an overview of some of that work. If there are specific examples of work you would like to inquire about, please contact one of the senior partners for more information.

  • Strategic Planning and Organizational Growth - Read how Apexx helped an organization with strategic planning and program development, which resulted in less dependence on external funding, higher revenue for programs, the launch of new programs and services, and a growing need to add staff to manage program volume and demand.
  • Wire and Cable Company - A large manufacturer and provider of networking products for both the industrial and enterprise markets wanted to grow. Find out how Apexx Group added more than $850 million of lead opportunity just 1.5 years after program launch.
  • Leasing and Fleet Management - See how Apexx Group created a memorable brand, increased traffic by 100% within 3 months and increased online credit applications by more than 200% within 6 months.
  • International Office Products Distributor - Discover how Apexx Group worked with a national distributor of office products and supplies to help grow their business by 14%-18% each month for more than 3 years.
  • Disabilities Non-Profit - Explore how a new website designed by Apexx has helped a nonprofit improve site traffic, increase donations, drive event participation, increase online store sales and integrate social media participation.
  • National Distribution Company - Learn how Apexx increased account penetration (percentage of buying locations) from 30% to more than 80% and identified $5 million of additional incremental revenue within 60 days of program launch.
  • Electronics Manufacturer - Read how share and sales volume grew (without having to increase field sales coverage) and how the company developed a position in two new vertical markets – healthcare and military.
  • Distributor Audit - Read how equipment sales increased over 200% in the first year following the audits, while distributor audit scores increased overall by at least 1 point for all distributors (on a 5 point scale).
  • Customer Acquisition - Learn more about how sales increased by at least 20% every year during program operation. Also learn how an average of 48 qualified leads were generated per month.
  • Growing a Commercial Furniture Business - Read how Apexx helped increase market share by 18% sales growth in a down market while also developing a sales funnel that exceeded $500,000,000 in potential sales in the first year.