Bennett Kraemer

Do you understand what your data is saying?

Bennett is responsible for analyzing many aspects of data within a business. From sales, marketing, products and services, a company’s data will show trends which can be acted upon. Working with Apexx’s trust and loyalty measurement system, he has created data models that are employed to accurately assess a company’s activity and initiatives. These assessments help to guide decision-making processes and investments. He also performs SEO/PPC analytics, market analytics, and Google analytics to identify trends and create clear paths of action for our clients. With a clear path of action, new clients can be developed to their full potential. Bennett has experience working with data from large corporations as well as small enterprises. Prior to joining us, Bennett was involved with strategic planning for the United States Senate.

Chris La Grange

Is your web presence working for you?

Chris is responsible for ensuring Apexx Group adheres to fluctuating standards of the web development industry.  Beyond the web world standards, Chris helps with other challenges and tasks that may occur like IT maintenance, structuring and organizing programming code, maintaining a friendly work environment, and helping Apexx Group clients and various team members with tasks. He has been involved with projects done with 2XL Corporation, Wipes Now, ASSEW, Kathy’s House, among other entities.

Ben Moran

Are you looking for your website to be mobile-friendly, with dynamic functionality, and a polished look?

Ben is responsible for technical implementation of the Creative Director’s vision. He has done technical implementation for more than 30 sites and does both application and web development for a number of different clients. While Ben has been at Apexx, he has created and developed sites and applications for entities such as 2XL Corporation, Ovation, Kathy’s House, and Liquitech as well as our very own website. He is proficient in HTML, CSS, Sass, Javascript, PHP, MySQL, WordPress, and a host of other technologies. In addition to development, Ben is also responsible for day-to-day IT maintenance at Apexx.

Abbie Hausman

Do you feel your brand is behind the curve?

Abbie is responsible for the ideation and creation of both web and print-based design. Using Apexx Group’s hand-tailored, result-driven processes, Abbie consistently captures each client’s unique brand and delivers it to their target audience. She has experience creating website designs, infographic development, and other forms of strategic brand enhancement. This varied experience gives Abbie the skills she needs to produce sound designs for any client. She has produced work for a wide variety of companies, from local non-profits such as Kathy’s House to established organizations like Badger Meter, Info-Pro, and 2XL Corp.

Joshua Bell

Are your digital marketing and website projects being efficiently managed, with maximum SEO prioritization?

Josh is responsible for the delivery of SEO analytics and audits in order to determine strategies to take clients’ digital presence to the next level. He performs market, competitor and product analyses to provide critical position intelligence. He is also responsible for analyzing customer data to identify key market segments as well as analyzing campaign and website performance. In addition to SEO revamp, he has experience in coordinating new website development, ecommerce and CRM implementation. Josh has worked with established large and mid-sized for-profit organizations, such as 2XL Corp, Badger Meter Inc., and UMA Enterprises. His ongoing analysis throughout a project provides insights for better decision making, while his research and creative approach to brand messaging increases customer engagement and conversions.