Victor Hunter

Concerned about the lack of being able to turn trust & loyalty findings into tangible initiatives?

Vic is founder and president of Hunter Business Group LLC. He is nationally known for his expertise in business-to-business direct marketing and service to the nation’s leading companies including Hewlett Packard, 3M, Parker Hannifin, Panasonic, Toshiba, Shell Oil, IBM, Rockwell Automation, BellSouth and MasterCard. Founded in 1981, Hunter was the first consulting and service company dedicated solely to increasing the productivity of businesses by assisting them to sell products and services to other businesses, institutions, and professionals. Vic is the author of Business to Business Marketing: Creating a Community of Customers, which provides a comprehensive model for doing business in the new customer-focused environment and the practical guidance for implementing profitable, customer-driven marketing programs. Vic holds an MBA from Harvard and a BA from Purdue. He has given an Industry Expert Briefing to the Harvard first year Marketing MBA Staff, and has also been a guest lecturer at Northwestern’s Medill School, the University of Chicago Graduate Business School and Columbia University. He is a frequent speaker at the Direct Marketing to Business Conferences, the NCDM, and the DMA Business-to-Business Conferences. He has served the Purdue College of Science as Chairman of the Dean’s Leadership Council and was awarded the 2006 Purdue Distinguished Science Alumni Award.