Electronics Manufacturer


  • A worldwide manufacturer of consumer and business electronics intended to grow share of market in North America
  • The manufacturer had a business-to-business focused sales force that was stretched due to broad geographic territories that far exceeded their capability to provide effective coverage
  • In order to provide substantial leverage to the sales force, an inside sales and support group was built to generate qualified leads to grow the business as well as to effectively handle inbound requests


  • Create field leverage so that the sales force can focus on well defined and qualified opportunities for new business
  • Develop a call center model which could effectively balance support and outbound lead generation
  • Create an industry vertical acquisition model that could quickly add and grow new vertical segments
  • Develop a lead generation and distribution system that supported the sales function and increased their time on qualified prospects
  • Develop sales force, customer and prospect feedback to help refine the process


  • Develop support and staffing requirements based upon historical data as well as growth projections
  • Recruit the best available talent
  • Set up the call center infrastructure including customizing a hybrid CRM/ Customer Support Database
  • Develop a lead and case distribution model to effectively manage sales and technical resources
  • Provide reporting and metrics that could accommodate seasonal and budget time buying patterns, trade show lead generation calling and other spikes and dips in the service/sales cycles
  • Create score cards, measures and metrics to provide feedback to management, sales, technical resources, customers and prospects


  • Supported substantial share and sales volume growth (without having to increase field sales coverage)
  • Developed a position in two new vertical markets – healthcare and military
  • Supported customer and prospect service levels, improving brand perceptions and corresponding likelihood to purchase