Increased Donations for Milwaukee Non-Profit Organization


  • A nonprofit organization providing services and resources for people with visual impairments recently completed a merger with another entity
  • This merger warranted a re-branding of both entities under an umbrella brand
  • The website for the original nonprofit organization was not aligned with the umbrella brand or image
  • Additionally, the website did not effectively organize content, allow for easy navigation, or effectively leverage messaging for the intended audiences
  • Users were not finding significant value in the website as evidenced by a decrease in donations, an underutilized online store and little repeat traffic
  • The merger brought about a greater reliance on the website for information and as a primary source of communication creating an urgency to design a new site that could better serve the diverse audiences


  • Design a new site that is a model for accessibility, while exceeding web design standards
  • Create an engaging web presence that is user-friendly and easy-to-navigate that develops a better expression of the new brand identity
  • Leverage the new site to clearly support education and awareness to drive increased community involvement
  • Develop a website that clearly helps different sets of users quickly access the appropriate resources
  • Use the website to showcase events and programs while making the donation process simple and accessible


  • Assessed existing infrastructure and conducted a thorough analysis of accessibility standards
  • Identified objectives and performance requirements for the new site, including critical features and functions
  • Drafted creative and technology briefs, design concepts and technical architecture
  • Researched the best methods to increase donations and web store traffic
  • Guided content development to ensure all objectives were met
  • Tested site rigorously for accessibility compliance and ease-of-use using objective 3rd party reviewers


  • The new site yielded a tenfold increase in online donations in the first 2 months of launch
  • The online store now has a prominent place on the site and features a fresh look and feel
  • All website content is current, relevant and reflects the new brand, which has helped to increase repeat traffic to the site
  • Users are finding a website that is more interactive allowing them to register for events, provide feedback and communicate with the organization online