Power Systems Manufacturer and Supplier


  • A manufacturer and supplier of power products, equipment and services had experienced a decline in certain segments of their business
  • While the marketing effort had been significantly increased there was not a focus on specific segments
  • There was fragmented information available about specific segment size and growth opportunities
  • In order for the organization to grow, the potential needed to be understood and the segments targeted in a more focused manner


Define, design, write and build marketing and sales collateral that:

  • Drive revenue growth
  • Increase customer loyalty and retention
  • Create a competitive advantage
  • Drive new leads to the sales force


  • Research and define potential segments and competitors
  • Develop a detailed process to execute different campaigns
  • Develop electronic case study templates, copy, press releases and product or service related landing pages
  • Develop white papers through research, email positioning copy, website landing pages and copy drafting
  • Create new product intros including electronic product specification sheets or sell sheets, email copy, website landing pages and press releases
  • Create 5 separate product videos (5-7 minutes each)
    • Create concepts and storyboards
    • Stage and film
    • Take through post production and editing
    • Release and support with e-mail, press and web pages


  • Understanding market potential helped secure a larger budget and expanded the sales and marketing staff to help gain a larger market share
  • Release of the first white paper helped April sales surpass the combined sales of the prior three months
  • Cases and white papers drove inquiries from those who were considering a switch from competitor’s products
  • Case and white paper initiatives paid for themselves with the first campaign launch
  • The first product video release more than covered development cost of all 5 videos and also had a healthy profit
  • Materials developed will help drive continued double-digit growth of the previously declining business units