Website for a Financial Recruiting Firm


  • A regionally focused financial recruiting firm serving employers and employment candidates had been stable for the last two years
  • Growth remained relatively flat due to the limited number of qualified professional resources at the company, and the limited number of resources to reach qualified leads
  • The website currently acts as a “brochure” site, giving a broad overview of the business and its services, and fails to initiate any call to action
  • The current site is not SEO friendly and has very limited site traffic, further limiting the site’s ability to drive leads
  • Limited resources and the lack of qualified leads from the web limited opportunities and growth
  • The lack of resources forced staff to allocate time on low value activities, hindering the company’s ability to drive leads and manage customer relationships


  • Design the site to facilitate lead generation through messaging and integration of the candidate management tool
  • ive the site a more contemporary look and feel to match industry standards
  • Utilize available web tools and capabilities to position the site as the primary communication tool
  • Help aid in the education of prospects with the use of RSS feeds, useful links and original articles
  • Increase traffic to the site through incorporation of SEO best practices


  • Conduct a competitive analysis to determine target user expectations and industry standards, while maintaining a locally-focused image
  • Design a site that incorporates the company’s new brand identity and reflects the level of professionalism the company maintains
  • Develop and design content that reaches the company’s multiple target audiences
  • Integrate a candidate management tool for capturing data
  • Implement a sound foundation for SEO optimization by converting the current site into a dynamic content management system and develop all of the metatags and forms


  • More than eight times the site traffic of the previous site
  • Three times more qualified inbound applicants eligible for placement
  • 200% increase in new unsolicited search engagements within the first six months after site launch
  • Moved from second page in Google search results to consistently in the top 5 results on the first results page, all through organic search
  • Integration with tools, a CRM and portal cut candidate processing time in half, allow staff to conduct more phone interviews and take more searches