Wire and Cable Company


  • A large cable, connectivity and networking manufacturer was not meeting target growth expectations
  • The organization sold through a complex distribution channel that included engineering, technology and integration companies, as well as direct to end users
  • Outside sales reps were working to support the existing channel partner base, but doing very little proactive prospecting
  • The knowledge of current new build, remodel or expansion projects (such as hospitals, medical manufacturing, industrial manufacturing and data centers) was limited and fragmented
  • There were no corporately owned lists, no unified database and no CRM system for prospecting
  • In order to increase revenue, the organization needed a better understanding of active projects, a CRM to store data and a mechanism to get qualified leads to the sales organization


  • Grow market share in the new build, remodel and expansion marketplace within target market segments
  • Develop and apply a consistent and effective sales process
  • Build a unified global market database and CRM system


  • Identify and select project-based lead sources for U.S. and Canadian pilots
  • Create field discipline through stringent lead qualification criteria
  • Evaluate, select, configure and implement a CRM system
  • Train lead generation reps and create process for sending leads to the field for close
  • Conduct a controlled and staged field roll-out of the pilot program
  • Increase the number of inside reps to optimize lead volume to field
  • Begin lead qualification for the rest of the Americas by hiring and training Spanish speaking and Portuguese speaking reps
  • Add additional divisions and lead sources to maximize program potential
  • Begin work on targeted market segment approaches as additional products and capabilities become available


  • Added $850MM of lead opportunities to the sales funnel in the first 1.5 years of the program
  • Launched a unified global CRM database as a corporate marketing asset
  • Leveraged the business model to expand into South America and Asia