Local Value SEO

$510.00 on the 1st of each month

Generate traffic and interest to your business. Get your business noticed locally with exposure to the users you seek by optimizing keyword searches, developing more links and creating customized content.

First payment: December 1, 2020


Apexx Digital – SEO | Local Value Plan
$510 per month per site

Generate traffic and interest to your business. Get your business noticed locally with exposure to the users you seek by optimizing keyword searches, developing more links and creating customized content.

Rating = Entry Level, targeting 2 keyword categories. This plan is great for local businesses with a low budget. 10 target keywords, 50 trackable keywords, on page optimization, locally relevant content writing, editorial content and local citation building.

At Apexx Digital, we make it possible for businesses to compete online by placing their websites higher in local search results of Google. Why is it important to rank higher in Google? Well, more than 90% of consumers search on Google before making a buying decision. Apexx Digital helps your website/s rank higher, beat you competition, and drive more sales.


The Apexx Digital – SEO | Local Value offering

  • Keyword Topics: SEO work will focus on 2 keyword topics
  • Trackable Keywords: We will focus on 10 target keywords and track 50 keywords
  • Optimized Pages: We will recommend or perform optimization of website pages every month
  • Locally Relevant Link Building: We will build backlinks (from local search engines & directories), business listings and NAP enabled citations every month to improve local presence
  • Content Optimization: We will post industry-specific editorial content and create/modify website content to boost rankings


Apexx Digital – SEO | Local Value Process

  • Site Assessment and Intake: We audit your website, online presence of their business and gather information about their target audience and goals.
  • Keyword Research: We research the best 10 keywords based on the industry vertical and physical location to bring the most effective results. Target keywords are approved by mutual consensus.
  • Content and On Page Optimization: From our site assessment and keyword research, we implement high-quality content optimization to your site to engage visitors. Extensive on page optimization includes Google tools integration, plagiarism check, page load time & mobile friendly check and implementation of page title, meta description, header tags, internal linking, local schema setup, image alt and hyperlink optimization.
  • Local Optimization: Once the content optimization is in place, we focus on building the local presence by submitting the business to top local search engines and directories including Google My Business, Bing Local, Apple Maps, Facebook and more.
  • Monthly Link Building: With monthly link building via editorial content posting, local citations and authority business listings, we rank the website for target keywords with an authoritative backlink portfolio.


Apexx Digital – SEO Key Features

  • Affordable SEO with no obligation: Apexx Digital offers comprehensive, high-quality, US-based SEO at reasonable prices. We’re so confident in our work and our pricing that we don’t have long term contracts!
  • Experience and technology: We’re have helped over 45,000 businesses boost their search rankings and we manage over 5 million keywords. This experience, coupled with our industry-leading technology, gives us access to vast amount of data that keeps us ahead of other SEO providers.
  • Complete transparency and measurable results: Apexx Digital powerful reporting dashboard shows you exactly where your SEO dollars are going. Every SEO task performed is reported in real-time to track progress and clearly outline value.
  • Campaign monitoring: Apexx Digital monitors every SEO campaign to identify areas of improvement. We also provide automated weekly and monthly updates on campaign performance to ensure your clients’ goals are being met.


Apexx Digital – SEO | Local Value Month 1

  • Global Website Audit
  • Page Specific Audit – up to 10 Pages
  • Backlink Profile Analysis and Link Detox – Up to 50 Domains
  • Keyword Research, Grouping & URL Mapping
  • Website Duplicate Content Check – up to 10 Pages
  • Google Penalty Check
  • Web Form Conversion and Event Tracking – up to 2 Goals
  • Review Widget Installation to Generate Positive Reviews
  • Page Title & Meta Tags Creation – up to 10 Pages
  • 2 Website Content Writing (250 Words Per Page)
  • Internal Linking, Image, Hyperlink and Heading Tag Optimization – up to 10 Pages
  • Image GEO Tagging – up to 10 Images
  • Home Page Speed Reporting on Desktop & Mobile
  • Robots.txt Optimization
  • Page URL Canonicalization – up to 10 Pages
  • Adding Rich Snippets – up to 10 Pages
  • Voice Search Optimization
  • Schema Implementation (Local Business Information, Map, Image, Logo and Reviews) – up to 10 Pages
  • FAQ Schema Implementation
  • Google My Business (GMB) Listing Setup and Optimization with Description
  • GMB Website Embed – up to 10 Pages
  • 1 GMB Post
  • 2 GMB Q&A’s
  • 2 GPS Listing Submissions
  • Weekly SEO Status Reports
  • Month 1 SEO Performance Report

Apexx Digital – SEO | Local Value Month 2

  • 2 Editorial / Guest Blog with Social Boost
  • 1 Brand Interview
  • 1 Q&A Posting
  • FAQ Page Content
  • Google Analytics, Search Console and Bing Webmasters Setup
  • Analytics Spam Filtering
  • Broken Link Fixing, GSC 404 Error Correction & 301 Page Redirection – up to 10 Pages
  • User HTML Sitemap Creation, Uploading & Linking
  • XML Sitemap Creation & Submission to Google & Bing
  • Local Citation Audit
  • Bing Local, Apple Maps & Facebook Local Listings
  • 2 Authority Business Listings
  • 4 Industry Specific + 2nd Tier Local Citations
  • Website Social Boost – 2 URLs X 20 Sites
  • Promotional Video & Business Presentation – 1 Video & PPT X 5 sites
  • GEO Tagged Photo Submissions – 2 Photos X 5 Sites
  • 2 Social Network Citations
  • Local & Social Community Setup
  • 2 Coupon Distribution (if provided)
  • Weekly SEO status reports
  • Month 2 SEO performance report


Apexx Digital – SEO | Local Value Month 3 & Ongoing

  • 2 Editorial / Guest Blogs with Social Boost
  • 2 Social Network Citations
  • 2 Authority Business Listings
  • 4 Industry Specific + 2nd Tier Local Citations
  • 1 GMB Post
  • Continued SEO Enhancements to Improve SEO Performance
  • Weekly SEO Status Reports
  • Monthly SEO Performance Reports